Rapunzel - handmade sterling silver little ring

94 EUR

"Then Rapunzel let down her strands of hair, and the sorceress climbed up them to her.

If that is the ladder into the tower, then sometime I will try my luck.

And the next day, just as it was beginning to get dark, he went to the tower and called out:

Rapunzel, Rapunzel,
Let down your hair."

This is a beautiful ring for strong and power women!

I manually sculpted the ring on wax and cast into sterling silver. The ring has a hollow construction. The outside finish is oxidized and polished. The inside has the raw texture of the wax cast.

Includes a special package.

US size: 3.75 to 6.75.
If you have any doubt about your size, you can see it in here (http://www.onlineconversion.com/ring_size.htm)