My name is Ana and I'm portuguese, from a beautiful city - Porto. I have a degree in Design. In 2005 I started to study traditional and contemporary techniques of jewelry. Then a new world of infinite possibilities open in front my eyes - a new way to explore handmade art and to communicate my little world through my pieces.

I try to translate my ideas into a simple design playing with textures and light. I work mostly with sterling silver, but I like to discover the potential of another materials and to understand the several ways to communicate by them. A few years ago I started to work with wax. The possibility of sculpt a piece it was a fantastic discover for me. Recently I could realize my wish to learn portuguese traditional filigree.

For me a jewelry piece it's not only an adornment to embellish and complete a look. It's the final step of my creativity experience and expression. And I feel very lucky to be able to do what I love and to share it with everyone.

My pieces are manually made by me